Competitor Analysis Of Marigold

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Competitor Analysis Marigold, is the market leader in fresh dairy and beverage market in Malaysia, however it is not entirely dominated by its own brand. There is existence of a few numbers of beverage and fresh dairy milk competitors. Dairies products are considered very low degree of differentiation with competitors. Therefore, customers are allowed to compare products’ quality and especially price, is the factor that customers considered the most between the competitors’ products. The intensity of competition in dairy industry is very tough (UK Essays, 2015). There are few main competitors of Marigold in beverage and dairy product in the industry, which are Dutch Lady, F&N, Yeo’s and others competitors (Mira, 2013). According to UK Essays,…show more content…
In addition, Dutch Lady uses psychological pricing such as odd pricing. For example, 1 liter of Dutch Lady Pure Farm Low Fat Milk is cost RM6.09 (However, it is still slightly expensive compare to Marigold, as it costs RM5.99 in retail price). F&N price is slightly lower compare to Dutch Lady, but comparing to Marigold, the retail price is same, it costs RM5.99, it turns out that brand recognition is vital to them regardless of pricing. Yeo’s SoyRich Original Soy Milk 1 liter is cost RM3.39, however, Marigold Soya Bean Drink 1 liter only cost customers RM2.55, for the price-sensitive customers, they are willing to choose Marigold instead of Yeo’s…show more content…
Besides, sales promotion is also being used by Dutch Lady to induce the customers to purchase more products. It also will distribute free trials for letting customers to have the chance to experience its product. Public relation is also an effective promotion method that used by Dutch Lady. It distributes newsletter, annual reports through e-mail to targeted customers as well as organizes charitable events and donation for raising awareness (UK Essays, 2015). F&N uses social media such as Facebook to promote itself, and it will upload some posts regarding the promotional activities and competition to remind the customers. Besides, F&N has committed in Corporate Social Responsibility Program, such as F&N Out-Do Yourself Award to raise the awareness (Fraser & Neave, 2008). Yeo’s has collaborated with DiGi and Shell to promote the beverages. For instance, reload RM 15 in DiGi and reload Shell get 1 can of Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea for free, so the customers will aware of the brand and get the free trials from the event without pay. In addition, Yeo’s had organized “Drink&Win” Contest during the launching of Yeo’s Yoghurt (Yeo’s, n.d.). Corporate Social Responsibility Program is also being used by Yeo’s, it had organized “Program SuSu Soya Sekolah” and distributed 400,000 packs of Yeo’s soy milk to 60 schools

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