Competitor Analysis: Pokka Corporation

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INTRODUCTION Pokka Corporation was initially named as Nikka Lemon Co., Ltd., which is a beverage company originated from Japan in 1957. Instead of concentrating its market in Japan, there was a move to expand the channel of distribution in Singapore and Asia Pacific during 1977. This time the company provides delectable food aside from marketing ready-to-drink beverages. For more than three decades of serving the consumers with quality service and state-of-the-art systems, such period of existence really proved that the company has sustained its stand in the market and even surpass other beverage companies across Asia. Today, Pokka keeps on striving for excellent service that will guarantee customer satisfaction in their products. They…show more content…
The Tea, Juice, Coffee, Isotonic Drink, Milk Drink and Sparkling prices are taken from; the functional drink price is courtesy of; and the Asian drink price is derived from Competitor Analysis “PT.Sinar Sosro”: Company Background - PT.Sinar Sosro began in 1970 as pioneering manufacturer of bottled tea drink in Indonesia. Its market extended across the globe with the aim to introduce to other countries their well-known product called “Teh Cap Botol”. - PT.Sinar Sosro created their presence in the market of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, several Middle East countries, Africa, Australia and USA Events and Promotions - There was a time that PT.Sinar Sosro supported the Java Jazz 2010 by giving 25% discount off in every ticket with Teh Botol Sosro less Sugar. This promo was given in every purchase of three bottles of Teh Botol less sugar. - Another event sponsored by this company was “Bla Bla Bla Festival” through featuring it in the packaging of the Fruit Tea Seru-Seruan. When the customer redeems an entry ticket for this festival, they will get free Fruit Tea Sosro from a…show more content…
They have marked a different branding in their products that creates so much awareness of Indonesians irrespective of their socio-economic status. This product familiarity is more resonated through advertisements in any media, advocacy campaigns and event sponsorships. With all their success in their product lines, however, they did not try to offer products such as coffee, milk and soya bean. Given such opportunity will pave the way for Pokka’s advantage in the Indonesian markets. This is a good point where Pokka can start strategize better product

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