Competitor Analysis: Samko Timber Company

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4. Competitors Analysis
4.1. Samko Timber Company
Samko Timber Company was established in more than 40 years ago. Samko began as a basic processed timber products manufacturer without any upstream plantations and natural forest enterprises. At the first produced 12,000 m3 of plywood annually in Sulawesi. Now, it has more than 800,000 m3 per annual production capacity and approximately CND $8.5m revenue per year (Samko Timber Limited, 2018).

4.1.1. Value Chain Mapping

4.1.2. Value Chain Analysis
Having loyal customers over 40 years experience as one of the market competency for Samko Timber Company shows the professional relationship with customers in a company which has achieved by efficient economy of scale and local brand recognition as
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It achieves cost savings through its use of plantation logs, which are generally lower in cost than natural forest logs, in its production activities. This cost structure is supported by the efficient economy of scale and domestic and international customers as a core competency. These customers are from across Indonesia, Japan, the Middle East, South Korea, Europe, the United States and Australia. Also, as long as the company can manage its cost, will be in competition…show more content…
Kutai Timber Indonesia was established at 1970, with this experience it has many customers who are emphasizing to be its client that is why loyal customers are one of the market competencies. The loyal customers are supported by good customer service and brand recognition which the company is well-known on those. KTI company with at least 3,000 domestic and international employees, 600,000 m2 land and 28,000 m3 per month product capacity is one of the famous wood companies in Java, Indonesia. Good customer service is reinforced by the marketing team and attention to social. The marketing team is very strong in the company which is provided by an international partner that is Japan; and diverse branches which are in Surabaya, East Java and Samarinda, East Borneo. Furthermore, KTI company has attention to social as part of sustainability activities by four main aspects which are social responsibility such as distribution of staple food ingredients and construction of bus stops; Education for example, presentation of scholarship for underprivileged students, donation of educational equipment, skills training for people with disabilities; Health for instance, health checkups for the surrounding communities, provision of milk for children with special needs, blood donation; Environment includes donation of plant seeds (PT. Kutai Timber Indonesia, 2016). Brand recognition as one of the core competencies is supported by varied wood products, marketing team, environmental action

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