Complaint Against Merceditas

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To the Department of Human Resources, I am writing this letter to lodge a formal complaint against my coworker, Merceditas (Mercy) Alirio, and my kitchen manager Deborah Philleo but mostly this complaint is for Mercy. I am constantly being verbally abused and harassed by Mercy and this has been going on since the beginning of the school year and she has history of doing this before in the past years, that is why they had changed my schedule in the past. However they changed my schedule for this school year and I am now working with Mercy again, except now besides the fact that she has been harassing me verbally she has gone as far as to physically assault me. Since the beginning of the school year Mercy has been verbally abusing me and is constantly abusing me…show more content…
Debby has prohibited me to speak Spanish and Mercy constantly tells me not to do so as well. She has prohibited me from speaking to the student workers in the kitchen. She tells me that I shouldn’t speak to them whether it’s in Spanish or in English. Debby and Mercy are constantly yelling at me angrily to not speak Spanish on the occasions that I do speak Spanish to other Spanish-speaking student workers or Spanish-speaking staff. There is a new student worker with the name of Jose who not only is new to the school but to the country, so he doesn’t speak much English. He asked me for help because he didn’t know the name of many things in our kitchen and I had to tell him that I was very sorry that I couldn’t help him but that I could not speak Spanish to him because my manger Debby and Mercy had prohibited me from doing so. I felt really bad that I could not help this student, and if I as an adult felt bad I can’t imagine how this student must’ve felt. I had to ask as a favor to the other students to please help him because I could not. Because of this my manager Debby changed me from my regular serving
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