Complete Persepolis Reflective Statement

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The Complete Persepolis Reflective Statement
My knowledge and understanding of the contextual and cultural considerations in Marjane Satrapi’s novel, The Complete Persepolis, enhanced greatly through the individual oral presentations my fellow classmates displayed.
The main struggles I encountered were entwined with the subject of war within the time of the novel. The war impacted Marjane’s life significantly and shaped the person she became. One of my classmates helped me comprehend and grasp the concept of how the war was never wanted but rather gained. The oral presentations also helped me gain a better understanding of the gender roles during the time of the war and time of Marjane’s childhood. As Marjane grew older, the gender roles became
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They are different from motion lines, which also indicate a character’s emotion. The Persian flourishes within the panel further implement a serene emotion, as mentioned before. Another example of an emanata is shown in the section “The Key” (94-102), more specifically on page 96. The Iranian girls had returned to class from summer vacation. In this case an icon of a question mark is displayed on top of every head of the Iranian girls. A question mark, as most people know, indicates a direct question; a question mark icon represents questioning or a state of being confused. Not only does Satrapi present herself as expressing confusion but she presents the whole class as confused. Satrapi furthermore places a question into the reader’s mind about whether the confusion of the youth is even being noticed by the authority figures, and if this confusion is even morally correct. Another example of an emanata is an icon of an exclamation mark. When Satrapi meets her roommate for the first time (161), she comes to find out that she only speaks one language, French. Satrapi and her new roommate, Lucia, conclude that the communication between them is lost and it is a huge problematic issue (161/6). The exclamation mark above their heads represents what is currently a powerful thought in their minds; this thought is that they are going to have difficulties with their language differences. Emanatas are expressed throughout the book and help the reader to know what is going on in the author’s mind rather than just the words on the
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