Complex Characters In Romeo And Juliet

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In Romeo and Juliet, there are many complex characters that make this play more dramatic and interesting. Romeo is clearly one example of a complex character, where his romanticism blurs his sense of reality. An example of where this is seen during the play is when he falls for Juliet even though he declares that there is no one better than the woman he previously loved, Rosaline. Another example is when Romeo realizes that because of how he has lost his sense of reality, he has let his friend Mercutio die to one of their enemies: Tybalt. These two instances show how complex a character Romeo is and this shows how people in the real world can be similar to him by being complex and difficult to understand. Towards the beginning of the play, Romeo is distraught over the fact that he had lost his lover Rosaline, and thinks that there is no one better than her. He states, “To call hers, exquisite, in question more… Show [him] a mistress that is passing…show more content…
Romeo thinks that his blurred sense of reality due to romanticism has let Mercutio die to Tybalt. Romeo furiously states, “[His] very friend, hath got this mortal hurt / In [his] behalf. [His] reputation stained / With Tybalt’s slander…” (III.1.115-117). This shows how complicated Romeo is, from being dramatic about being romantic and then immediately becoming very serious and furious at Tybalt for the death of his friend Mercutio. The drama from Romeo and Juliet mainly comes from the complexity of all the different characters in the play. Romeo is seen to be stubborn and loves only Rosaline in the beginning, but once he sees Juliet, he falls in love with her immediately. Also, Romeo is a complex character when suddenly turns vicious and kills Tybalt because he had killed Mercutio. Romeo being an intricate character can be related to some people in the real world who are really complicated and hard to
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