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Did you know that the proteins in your body have a major effect on how your body functions? First off, proteins are molecules that are made up of hundreds to thousands of amino acids. The molecules play many major roles in your body function. For instance, they are required for the function, structure, and for the body’s tissues and organs. Proteins also do most of the work in a cell. They can be seen differently from fats and carbohydrates, because proteins contain hydrogen, while the others don't. Moreover, an important protein to your cells are the structural proteins.

Structural proteins are three dimensional structures holding the cell together. They interact with their proteins, such as motor and signaling proteins. Muscles would be weak and frail if there was a default in the structural proteins function. Also, if the
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They can be found on mainly your bone, cells, and skin. They are fibrous, so they can be found on humans and animals. For instance, they can be found on the skin, fur, hair, wool, claws, nails, hooves, horns, scales, beaks and feathers. Structural proteins are the most proteins out of all the proteins in nature. An important structural protein is collagen. Collagen is the main protein found on your skin and tissues. It is also often used for cosmetic surgical treatments and other things of that nature. Collagen are used in cell culture applications as attachment factors. It also supports tissues in your body and provides struct to some of the cells in your body depending on what kind of cell they are. Under a microscope, collagen cells look like fibers that were put together. This creates extra strength for the cell. Moreover, collagen can also make your skin elastic or stretchy. As can be inferred, when the skin is wrinkly, that means your cells are lacking collagen. You can also find collagen in your blood vessels, ligaments, and

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