Memory And Short-Term Memory Analysis

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In a learning process, people gain information. The brain is maintaining the information as memory. The memories are converted from short-term memory to long-term memory to maintain it for longer time. Therefore, memory is an important thing in all life. Human cannot function in the future or present since the memory of the past is absent (McLeod, 2007). Nobody can live without it but people always takes memory for granted. It is a complex structure that even psychologist who studied it for many years cannot seem to figure it out. In the studies, what they do know is that hippocampus, amygdala and thalamus all take parts in the complex process of memory. They are three processes of storing memory, which are encoding, storage and retrieval…show more content…
In this process, the new information received from the sensory organ are stored into a temporary storage mainly in short-term memory(STM) before it further changed in the brain for permanent storage. The process of holding the information take place whether in sensory memory, short-term memory or long-term memory. In this process, . An American psychologist, Edward Tolman had developed a theory of processing the information as a representation of human thought work (Mcleod,2013). The information is stored in short-term memory (STM) briefly between 15 and 30 seconds at about seven items while long-term memory are significantly to be unlimited capacity (Mcleod,2009). As stated that the procedure of maintaining the information within time indicate a memory (Matlin, 2005), nevertheless humans have a tendency to overlook things in immense amount of time. It is because of the lack performance which indicates the unsuccessful trade of information from short-term memory to lifelong storage in long-term memory. As for example, an individual remembered the colour of someone’s attire only briefly for a short of…show more content…
In this process, the information registered are weak caused by the deficit of concentration as the information disengaged or not meaningful for an individual. Hence,in order to prevent forgetting the information, rehearsing or repetition method are necessary as a result to stored the information semantically in memory. By rehearsing or repeating the information from different method of memorizing such as chunking words and imagery helps to store the data effectively. For instance, a person is able to recall and explain informations more systematically by constructing a picture or graph visually such as mind map and used the “chunking” process of sentences into a small part of information. As a result, more information could be recollected and it attained a better outcome due to deeper understanding of

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