Denwood's Character Analysis

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Complexity in our personality, it helps define us and makes us different.Having a complex personality in a book, however makes a character interesting and difficult to predict Song Yet Sung by James McBride uses this tactic in his characters. One of these complex characters is Denwood, he is a cunning and convincing man. One of the traits that makes Denwood complex is his cunning nature that he uses to get information out of people like the blacksmith.¨Five hits. Stop. Two taps. Stop. five hits. Stop. Then a light two again. Thatś it ain’t it? Tell me you ain’t signaling somebody, and I’ll leave right now on your word.”(McBride 139) Denwood shows his cunning nature in during his talk with the blacksmith, he is experienced enough to know that…show more content…
One of the reason she is complex is because of her compassion towards her slaves. “They were, she felt, part of her family, and hers, she felt, was part of theirs. She could not imagine life without them.”(McBride 103) She cares for the people who are forced to work for her and feels so close to them that she considers them her family. She also depends on them not knowing what she could do without them with her. Later on we see more of her compassion towards her slaves when Patty rides into her farm wanting to talk to her slaves. Miss Kathleen refuses, her suspicion of Patty and fear that her slaves may be taken. Miss Kathleen’s protectiveness, like her compassion, makes her a complex character. “ I ain’t a slave trader, ma’am. I’m seeking a runaway.” “Get out.” When Denwood first comes on to her land and starts to talk to her she slams the door in his face because he talks about runaway slaves. Her harshness towards him is because she believes that Denwood is looking to capture and take her slaves. This protective nature is even more evident in this moment because she does not know where her son has gone, and not wanting to lose anyone else she is harsh towards Denwood. Miss Kathleen is a compassionate and protective woman, these traits make her a complex

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