Complexity In The Great Gatsby

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V. Revealing the Complexities of Class System A midway point between the highest in society;the Buchanan's and those like them, and the lowest in society, the social climbers, such as Gatsby and Myrtle is Nick Carraway. Carraway's bungalow acts as a midway between the two extremities also; the house, which lies “ at the very tip of the [west]egg, only fifty yards from the sand), is juxtaposed to Nick's position in society. He does not belong in East Egg, with fashionably rich and powerful of New York, but he does not quite belong in the West egg, with the newly rich; he did go to school with Tom Buchanan, and in reponse to this, his is teetering on the edge of both worlds. It is this quality that makes makes Carraway, Fitzgerald's best catalyst to reveal certain universal trues, to describe, and analyse the complexities of architecture, to understand and be an exemplary judge of character. It can be said that he is possessed by both worlds, or a member of neither. Both because he understands society, and its complexities in a way that Gatsby and Buchanan do not, and either because he does not try to be who he is not, he is comfortable in is mediocrity.…show more content…
Throughout the novel, Fitzgerald allows Nick to draw attention to the vulgarity of the house until he finally describes it as huge incoherent failure of a house” (181), an overall aesthetic failure. Nick recognizes Gatsby house as inelegant, vulgar, and tastelessly extravagant; all synonyms that were used to describe the new wealth of the
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