Complexity Of Media

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Complexity of Social Media
Social media? Social media is defined as social instrument of communication. Social media includes Facebook, YouTube, Flicker, Wikipedia and others. Social media is the most powerful that influences how people view on things. Therefore, people consider social media as complex.
Firstly, each social media contains its terms and conditions. According to research by Science and Technology, the terms and conditions by social media are very complex for users to understand. Terms and conditions that are stated in social media mainly to help users to understand how their data are being used. As a smart user, we must fully aware how our data are being used. Yet, the terms and conditions in each of the social media are simply too long or complex. According to Meyer (20140 this will cause the users to ignore or just press agree or yes to the terms and conditions in social media. Recently, Facebook had updated its terms and conditions policies. Facebook updated its terms and conditions policies to something which are simpler and easier. Meanwhile, twitter simplified its use of data in blog-post.
Besides that, according to Cerrato (2014) social media is not safe. This is because social media a the place where hackers attached to. Hackers attached to social media because they found that social media has the potential to carry out fraud and launch spam and Malware attacks. Spam is the use of messaging systems to send unnecessary messages which mainly use in
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