Components Of A Healing Hospital Essay

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As health care continues to advance, healing and what that concept encompasses has changed with the field as well. “Healing” has moved into a realm encompassing the not only the physical body, but, the mind and spirit as well. This is exactly what a healing hospital seeks to accomplish. Not only is the physical body cared for, but also, the mind and spirit are taken into just as much consideration. There are three main components to a healing hospital that will be identified and discussed. Additionally, there are several difficulties that come with creating a healing hospital. Finally, there are a few pieces of scripture that illustrate what a healing hospital seeks to accomplish. These components will be discussed along with their various implications.
Components of a Healing Hospital
As identified in the provided article from Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, there are three main components of a healing environment: a healing physical environment, integration of work design and technology, and a culture of “Radical Loving Care” (Eberst, 2008). In order for a healing hospital to function in the way that its founders intend, all three of these components need to be in a perfect equilibrium. The first component of a healing hospital, a healing physical environment, deals with the physical environment in which a patient is going through the
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A healing hospital takes into consideration a patient’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being to take a truly holistic approach to care. Healing hospitals encompass the best physical design, latest technology, and possess a culture that ensures that a patient is cared for in a way that considers every aspect of their well being. While establishing an environment such as this comes with its own unique set of challenges, it is absolutely worth the time and effort, as the patients will be cared for in a way that considers every aspect of their
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