Components Of Computer System Essay

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1. Name and explain components in the architecture of a computer system?

The architecture of a computer system consists of following components
(a) Central Processing Unit
(b) Arithmetic and Logical Unit
(c) Main Memory
(d) I/O Unit
(e) Bus Interconnection (a)CPU CPU stands for “Central Processing Unit”. CPU is the most important component of the computer. It is also known as processor. It is considered as a brain of the computer. It processor (or manipulates) input data according to the given instructions, and convert it into useful information. It is further divided in to two main components:
1. CU: CU stands for “Control Unit”. It is the most important part of CPU. It acts as supervisor activities in the computer. It controls all parts of the computer and coordinates all activities in the computer. It fetches the instruction
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Accounting: these accounting will keep track on which users use how much and what kinds of computer resources. Usage statistics may be a valuable tool for researchers who wish to reconfigure the system to improve computing services.

3. Protection and security: The term protection and security are often used together, and the distinction between them is a bit blurred, but security is generally used in a broad sense to refer to all concerns about controlled access to facilities, while protection describes specific technological mechanisms that support security.

4. User interface: Users generally use either the command line interface or the GUI to interact with the operating system.

5. Program execution: The system must be able to load a program into memory and to run that program. The program must be able to end its execution. 6. I/O operations: A running program may require I/O, which may involve a file or an I/O device. For specific devices, special functions may be desired . For efficiency and protection, users usually cannot control I/O devices directly. Therefore, the operating system must provide a means to do

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