Components Of Effective Communication

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BARRIERS OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Effective communication is an interaction that involves a two-way sharing of information. It is really important to develop a common understanding and also to build a trusting partnership other than developing honest and respectful relationships. When partners and family members have a genuine interest in one another, they are able to be open about their thoughts and feelings. Communication occurs verbally and non-verbally. Verbal communication can be either spoken conversations for instances face-to-face and phone calls or written messages such as letters, email, newsletters. Non-verbal communication is less direct. This can be usually observed from people’s body language such leaning forward and arms crossed, voice 's tone , gestures and facial expressions. In many instances, post people rely more on non-verbal communication rather than words to convey what they mean. This type of communication is so important especially when people are trying to express complex feelings, ideas and concepts as it assists to convey meaning and understanding throughout a conversation. Non-verbal communication can also indicates a willingness to engage in conversation and can help create pathways for communication between adults. A) BARRIERS OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN SPOUSES. One of the skills that needed to gain a happy marriage is through effective communication skill. Open and honest communication creates an atmosphere that allows both

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