Components Of Medical Negligence

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Negligence can be said as failure to take due care, as a result of which injury arises. Negligence ignores wrongful intention. Carelessness is not a ground for legal liability except in those cases in which the law has imposed the duty of carefulness. The medical profession is one such field of the society in which duty has been imposed in the strict manner A medical professional is expected to have the requisite degree of skill and knowledge. . It is not sufficient that the medical professional acted in good faith to best of his or her judgement and belief. The question in every case would be whether the medical practitioner in fact attained the degree of due care established by law. Medical negligence is a sub species of this tort (civil wrong) which falls within the larger species of professional negligence. Under our law, medical negligence, like other forms of negligence, is a criminal offence for which a doctor can even be imprisoned. This is so in many other legal systems also. But what amounts to medical negligence? Medical negligence occurs when a patient is harmed because a doctor has failed to perform competently under accepted standards of medical care. In order to prove medical negligence it must be shown that the doctor was negligent in some way .
There are mainly five essential components of negligence:
1. Duty- The existence of a duty to take care, which is owed by the doctor to the complainant.
2. Breach of duty-The breach of duty by the doctor towards
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