Components Of Oral Communication

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Oral Communication: Concept, Significance and Components
Concept of Oral Communication:
Most of our communication is with words and we know that the language is a common system of the symbols which we use for sharing our experience with other. We do communication number of the things by our facial expression, body movements, clothing and so on but communication through verbally or orally is called oral or verbal communication. Oral communication is more natural and immediate.
Oral communication implies communication verbally or orally by talking or speaking. It includes individuals conversing with each other or direct conversation or telephonic conversation. It includes any type of interaction that makes use of spoken words i.e. Speeches,
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In Oral communication the speaker enjoys the advantage of the understanding the group that he is addressing. And he can immediate understand the group’s reaction and arrive at satisfactory conclusion.
Components of Oral Communication:
In the components of the oral communication, there are two main important things that we should keep in our mind.
1. Manner: it means how do we speak? It includes pronunciation, stress, intonation, tone, accent, etc.
Pronunciation: The way in which words are rendered into human Speech sounds; either a language as a whole or a particular word or name. The pronunciation of languages forms the academic subject of phonetics. Pronunciation is the complex process involving a number of Simultaneous operations. It includes not only the skill of producing the individual sound correctly but also the aspects given below.
But the pronunciation is not just sound .it includes an understanding and internalization of the rhyme and intonation , which are essential; for effective communication there is the connection between pronunciation and other aspect of language use such as listening, grammar , reading and spelling .
Pronunciation conveys the grammatical fornication of the sentences stress and intonation helps the learner and comprehends the grammatical nuances of the
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Matter:It includes the Fluency which indicates the ability to convey the meaning, Accuracy which indicates the use of the appropriate, relevance, etc. it means use the appropriate words or content for appropriate situation. E.g. if we do request to other, than we should use “can” “may”.
Accuracy: Dictionary meaning of accuracy is exactness and correctness but when we talk about accuracy in oral communication, than it means using appropriate words.
Fluency: Dictionary meaning fluency is readiness and easy flow of ideas and words and the smoothness of the delivery the flow of the word and absence of vulcanized pause. Fluency Is difficult and it can not achieved by looking up words in dictionary or by any other simple solution. A speaker who seems too “fluent” is perceived as a fast or “slicker than oil”.
The importance of the fluency is emphasized on the smoothness on the presentation, as a main ingredient of effectiveness. For to achieve the fluency, you must be confidence of the content of your speech. If you know what you are going to say and you have practiced it than disruptive repetition and vocalized pause e are less likely to occur. If your master what you are going to say and concentrate on the overall rhythm pattern of the speech, your fluency will
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