Components Of Power In Football

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Power is one of the main fitness components required for success in many sports. In football power is one of the main physical attributes. Power is the combination of strength and speed and in football power is needed especially for players who take regular shots at the goal and players who shoot for the penalties as if they do not have the power to kick the ball hard enough it would be easy for the goal keeper to catch it. Many of the best players in the world such as Lionel Messi and Ronaldo have the required amount of power as they always kick the ball hard enough and as a result most of the time they end up scoring. Whenever I try to score the goal it ends up in the hands of the goalkeeper because I don’t kick it with a lot of power so if I want to be able to score goals for my team and help them win I should increase the amount of power that I use when I kick the ball to the goal.


Balance is being able to preserve your centre of mass over a support base. Balance is an important component in football and players who improve their balance can achieve excellence in football and without it somebody who wants to be a footballer would be at a disadvantage. The main type of balance is required in football is dynamic balance and not static balance because in football you rarely stay at one place as you keep moving throughout the game. Most of the successful players have great balance and are able to take on players and stay on their feet while an opposing
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