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The Components of Quantitative and Qualitative Research and Their Mark on Nursing Practice
Nursing care, and healthcare as a whole, relies heavily on evidence based practice to remain relevant and effective. Research allows for new hospital policies, treatment options, emotional care, safe practice, and successful patient outcomes. As nurses, it is imperative to understand and implicate healthcare advancements. One way to do this is to remain up-to-date with evidence-based research. Two successful research methods include quantitative and qualitative research. The purpose of this paper is to explain the characteristics of qualitative and quantitative research and to show examples of those components within evidence based nursing research articles.
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Qualitative research explores phenomena and relies heavily on extensive interviewing. Once its data is collected, its research is modified according to what is found (Mack et al., 2005). Quantitative research, however, attempts to prove or disprove existing hypotheses concerning phenomena (Mack et al., 2005). It employs very rigid surveys, observations, and questionnaires. Despite their differences, both qualitative and quantitative research are effective and evidence…show more content…
The quantitative article proves high versus standard doses of Vitamin D are not significantly more effective in preventing upper respiratory tract infections. The qualitative research gives insight as to which qualities are valued in nursing leaders. Based on these articles, healthcare providers should not increase Vitamin D dosages to prevent upper respiratory tract infections, and nursing leaders should value feedback from their frontline nursing staff. Though the researchers in these articles conducted extensive investigation to produce their findings, nurses and healthcare providers alike should always evaluate several sources to develop an informed decision themselves. Nurses should utilize both qualitative and quantitative research to improve and continually contemporize patient

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