Importance Of Self-Esteem

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Self-esteem refers to how a person feels about himself or herself. It is a subjective emotional evaluation of one’s worth or personal value. It is understanding of self on the basis of beliefs and emotions or how according to them they fit into the society. If a person wants to make a position in life high self-esteem is a must. A person with high self-esteem has leadership skills, high decision making power, are more confident, love and respect themselves. People admire them for that, they look up to them. They are likely to be satisfied of themselves, accept the way they are do not crib for what they should be like. They are not afraid to explore there selves, do not try to imitate others.
People with low self-esteem has the constant fear that they can’t
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Sense of control and responsibility- A person with high self-esteem would be more responsible in terms of actions whatever he takes. Even if the decision turns out to be wrong then that very person will not put the blame on others, take the responsibility and accountability on…show more content…
Today sir asked us to draw a tree. We were asked to draw roots, stem, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. After the completion we were asked to mark positive or negative signs on the roots. Marking of signs depend upon the people who has influenced you either in a negative or in a positive way. It is people’s impact on your life. The stem refers to the nature of the individual that is strong or weak. Thick stem represents how strong you are and thin represents the weakness. Leaves represents people who are important in your life. Fruits represent achievements and flowers represent qualities. If a person thinks he has drawn many then he or she can mark the flowers and fruits. After this we were asked to talk to the tree, say hi to it, establish relation and listen to it. Listening to it means listening to your unconscious mind. This is a powerful exercise to know yourself through
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