Components Of Social Entrepreneurship

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Social entrepreneurship is the attraction of growing attention, money, and talents by entrepreneurs and companies. As the major focus, it aims at developing, funding, and implementing solutions for environmental, cultural, and social issues (Chell, Spence, Perrini, & Harris, 2016). Entrepreneurs engaging in social entrepreneurship have their basic levels of operating as a social cause. The success of social ventures is measured based on the improvements realized in the world rather than profits accumulated. Such organizations attain a successful change in underlying issues in the community through feedback and innovations towards solving the social problem. By constituting commercial, public issues, and ventures, social entrepreneurship greatly contributes towards Vision 2030.
Components of Social Entrepreneurship Social entrepreneurship includes a combination of social and commerce issues used to enhance the lives of individuals connected to some community problems. Particularly, commercial matters are met to raise money that is used by the entrepreneurship to work towards eliminating the matter negatively affecting people. In fact, the sole focus of this business is to improve the world condition and not to make profits, unlike other forms of business existing nowadays (Phillips, Lee, Ghobadian, O’Regan, & James, 2015). Since the kind of entrepreneurship is not focused on financial gains, the entrepreneur is not keen to make sufficient incomes through such activities as
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