Components Of Strategic Planning

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The strategic planning process involves specific processes that includes an assessment of a department or an organization’s current condition, the future the organization desires to attain, strategic objectives and strategies to achieve specified goals, how to implement the strategic plan, and the process of monitoring the proposed strategy to ensure it is implemented successfully. In this paper, the topic for discussion will include important components of a strategic plan related to departmental directives and goals. In addition, a SWOT analysis, proposed departmental goals, and the monitoring process by which the strategic plan is monitored will be included. Strategic Planning Strategic planning is the identification…show more content…
Strategic planning offers a plethora of long-term benefits that can provide support for daily tasks completed within each department. It allows all levels of employment to gain a sense of ownership and direction when completing daily work requirements. It offers assistance to improve communication, employee focus, training and development guidance, and establishes objectives to attain organizational goals (SHRM, 2018). SWOT Analysis Establishing an organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) is a significant aspect of the development process and includes the collection of information affected by external and internal factors that can impact the future of an organization. At Northcentral University, a SWOT analysis was completed to determine any factors that can greatly impact the organization, and offer an incentive to improve any barriers that may hinder growth and success. Strengths Northcentral University employs a multitude of experienced and dedicated HR workers that embody the organization’s goals and future direction.…show more content…
The SWOT analysis provided information that will enable the ability to strengthen specific areas within the HR department and create a strategic plan to reach its goals. By evaluating the analysis, it is important to continually ensure employees are motivated and the organization demonstrates the ability to retain good employees. The restructure of benefits and recognition programs will be completed to ensure production maintains at desired levels, and employees remain content in his or role. New technology will be implemented to review employee metrics on several levels. For example, an employee performance card will offer the ability to quantify the efficiency of HR practices and employee performance, and can be useful for decision-making when determining the capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses for all employees. This system will ensure the training, learning, and development of employees is sufficient. In addition, growing and developing leaders is crucial to the future of Northcentral University and requires support, training, and the development of responsibility and skill

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