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Guayabera A lightweight long sleeve soft blue shirt is what appeals to most when worn by a man. To those of Hispanic descent and those who have prior knowledge can differ this Guayabera from any regular lightweight long sleeve shirt. This man’s’ shirt is referred to as a Guayabera, it has two pockets located on the front of the shirt and two vertical stripes of threading. A Guayabera has a widespread over Latin America and the Caribbean, this shirt has many stories behind it within families. In my family, this Guayabera has bene passed down from grandfather to father, to son for many generation. Guayabera are shirts worn by men, also worn untucked with a straight hem with four small pockets, the pleating hand work done on this Guayabera…show more content…
This Guayabera originated by an immigrant by the name of Jose Gonzalez, he asked is wife to create him a shirt that conveniently had 4 large pockets so he could store his cigar. During the 19th century this Guayabera was referred to as a “Mexican wedding shirt” (A Shirts Story). In a more contemporary chapter these Guayaberas are worn at business meetings, weddings, and even night clubs. You may find individuals in some parts of American wearing these shirts, mainly in New York, California, and South Florida. Anxiously Stated by Amanda McCorequodale “When I moved to Miami, it didn’t take long for me to notice the Guayabera and recognize its meaningfulness to many South Floridians.” Guayabera has been through history and has become solely popular, now being made in actual factories that are located in China, Mexico, Panama and Ecuador and many more locations. Guayabera is made with a variety of fabrics including cotton and linen. My dad being of Hispanic decent refers back to his wedding and he did attend his marriage this late wife in the Guayabera he received from his dad. As the 20th century came into play, these…show more content…
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