Essay: The Power Of Consistency

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Small, smart choices, hard work, consistency (most important). Compound effect is based upon the power of consistency. Apparently little, intelligent actions executed consistently over time yield massive results in the long term. The key word over here is “consistent”. When you apply effort (either in terms of thought or action or both of them) in a consistent manner, you are guaranteed to achieve positive results. So, what do we mean by consistency? Being consistent means doing some task or action repeatedly, to do some activity continuously, without any break or interval. Consistency can never be achieved in an intermittent fashion or a sporadic manner. When you do something repeatedly or continuously, not only will you achieve proficiency in that area but also you will gain greater understanding of that particular area. This increased understanding is made possible due to the greater amount of effort exerted over a long period of time. Combining effort and time is what ultimately leads to accomplishment. Therefore, consistency is the tool that allows anyone to put in the effort on a continuous basis. Once a substantial amount of time has…show more content…
Regardless of your past performance, whether its good or bad, you would have developed a certain reputation which is difficult, if not impossible, to change. If you are reputed to be a below average performer, then it would be useful to analyze your shortcomings, get help from a mentor or study the habits of successful people whom you wish to emulate. Being a below average performer is not bad in itself, but when you are compared to other people who are performing better than you, then a mediocre performance can hurt anybody’s self image or self confidence. Trying to improve yourself in any area where you are lagging behind will serve your best interests along with improving your reputation over

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