Comprehensive Counseling Model Paper

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To accurately manage and implement a comprehensive school counseling model, counselors have the task of carefully developing action plans, address agreements, use data, and to select an advisory counsel. The management components have several elements, each unique to the school and students’ needs. This aspect of the program has evolved over time, as counselors did not handle these responsibilities in earlier years. As entire communities and populations have evolved, so too has the counseling world. One of the most important tools used in our contemporary age is data. As identified in ASCA (2005), data is the best method to associate with the success of a comprehensive counseling program. It gives validity to the improvement of educational systems. According to Kaffenberger and Young, (2011) schools use data to show academic progress toward meeting state standards, to justify funding for needed programs and personnel, and to determine…show more content…
The authors continue to affirm that in closing the achievement gap, schools are required to use accountability methods to show student performance. Using data can aid in this process. When implementing great management skills, policy makers and other counseling leaders acknowledge the power of data to demonstrate academic achievement, and to promote counselor’s role in school reform. As a result of data collection and analysis, student will enhance their performance and close the achievement gap. Finally, the authors point out that these accountability strategies are necessary in a comprehensive school counseling program to deliver services to students and initiate program evaluation and enhancement. This is particularly important with the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001. Assessing these students’ outcomes has prevailed in the expectation for schools and school professionals such as counselors. Having available data results from these programs will allow for further evaluation and adjustments as
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