Comprehensive Cultural Assessment Components

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Providing culturally competent healthcare is an important part in today's diverse population. The increasing demands placed on caregivers are intended to increase quality of care, retain new customers from minority ethnic groups and increase overall satisfaction. This paper will describe the components of culturally comprehensive care and nursing diagnoses with examples of individuals of Asian descent. “Asian” is a broad term, that respectfully include people from many countries and nations. For the purpose of this paper this cohort is considered as one group.
Comprehensive Cultural Assessment Components
Culture is a complex term, including a vast body of knowledge, traditions, language, values and behaviors specific to a certain racial, ethnic
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Gudykunst. In view of those findings, communication with patients of Asian descent, in my opinion, should be concentrated on retrieving correct information using a polite tone and direct question. In case, when some question may seem uncomfortable to the question a colleague with more experience should be asked to assist.
Nursing Diagnoses One
The following nursing diagnosis would be applicable in this case: ineffective health maintenance (Ackley & Ladwig, 2014, p. 412). Nursing interventions and rationales include: assess influence of cultural beliefs, norms, values and client’s ability to modify behavior; assess the effect of fatalism on a client’s ability to modify behavior; clarity culturally related health beliefs and practices; provide culturally targeted education and health care services (Ackley & Ladwig, 2014, pp. 413–414).
Ideally nurse would possess certain level of knowledge about the patient culture or asked the coworkers to assist. On the other hand it would be impossible to posses knowledge about every culture and its customs. Nurse should explain details of procedures or necessary changes that would bring positive healthy results, withhold the judgement and attempt to understand the patient
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Nurse can check if alternative treatment is available for patients, whose cultural belief prevent them from using certain medications or procedures.
Communication across cultures is challenging. Most of cultural rules, values, beliefs, phobias and anxieties are absorbed subconsciously. Even in one culture, no two people would respond in exactly the same way. However, a certain level of generalization is valid to the extent that it provides clues of what the person most likely encounter.
In conclusion, when it comes to culturally sensitive care, what's proper and correct in one culture may be ineffective or unacceptable in another. In reality, no culture is right or wrong, better or worse—just different. For healthcare workers, there is no single receipt for communication. The best approach is the development of an understanding of, and a deep respect for, the
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