Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

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A comprehensive geriatric assessment is a multidisciplinary diagnostic procedure which is done to diagnose for medical condition, plan for the treatment and long-term follow up for an older adult. It helps to determine the medical, psychological and functional capabilities of elderly person. It is usually begin when the physician identifies the potential problem. In addition, the comprehensive geriatric assessment is required to assist patient to return to their normal level of functioning. Comprehensive geriatric assessment is to make sure that the elderly problems are identified and managed.

CONTENT: The Comprehensive Assessment of Geriatric Clients

The element of comprehensive geriatric assessment included the physical
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The special attention is directed toward problem of visual and hearing, nutritional status and other conditions that may lead to weakness, falling and difficulty in ambulation. Besides, the physical examination is done to identify the diseases for which curative, restorative, palliative or preventive treatment may be available.

In older adult, it is important to assess for the older adult nutritional intake. It is because older adult may have vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The vitamins that are lack in older adult are vitamins A, C, D, and B12. For the bowel and urinary incontinence, it should include the assessment of fluid intake, medications, cognitive function, mobility, and previous urologic surgeries. Physician can ask the patient either if he or she has a strong and sudden urge to void or the incontinence is cause by coughing, sneezing or other activities to diagnose for urinary and bowel
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It is to determine the safety of the living environment and the most suitable living arrangement for the older adult. Besides, it assesses patient’s access to essential services, such as shopping, pharmacy, and transportation.


In conclusion, the comprehensive geriatric assessment is done to the older adult to identify the medical problem and to plan for a specific treatment and management. Comprehensive geriatric assessment can modify and expand the basic component of comprehensive geriatric assessment such as integrating a mix of physiologic, functional, psychosocial and health-related quality of life. Besides, the health care worker must have strategies that enhance communication with older adult. The older adults need more attention in order to promote wellness and
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