Comprehensive Immigration Policy Analysis

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Throughout the years immigration policies have been the talk in congress, also the Chamber of Commerce. Through the years they have been back and forth, and they have not came up with a solution. In the Article by Steven Greenhouse talks about how immigrants have an impact in the economy in the United States (Greenhouse). By having policies that help the immigrants to have their citizenship so they can work or open their own business it can help the economy in varies ways. So there should be policies that can help emigrant workers that want to make a difference in the United States. The CIR known as Comprehensive Immigration reform is a step to legalization. In order to qualify for this reform the person would have to do one of many items.…show more content…
The shortfall of the debt be reduced about $2 billion over the years. Another way is if there was another reform that would create more than 900,000 jobs. By creating more jobs it would increase the demand on the consumer goods. However by having a reform like this it can help to increase the GDP to about 2 percent by the year 2016. Throughout the years it would help the economy because the more people that would come into the country and trying to start their own business or start working, they would need somewhere to stay, and items to buy for their new lives. Immigrants do not only help the economy by opening their business but also they are one of the largest consumers in the…show more content…
The demand on these stores it can vary depending on what is sells more. The item or items that sell more is where there would be more jobs. For an example if in the market the whole produce is in high demand that’s where they would need more people. The more they shop for goods in every store it can be from a want to a need it has a high demand to the sellers. When the sellers or the stores are in high demand and to make more than usually they need more people to work. By this more jobs are create and filled by many people. This is one way that it can help to lower the unemployment rate. When the unemployment goes down it helps the country to save money and pay off the debt they have. By paying off the debt and having less people on unemployment it helps the economy. Yet the unemployment rate for immigrants is lower than the one for
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