Comprehensive Plan In Schools

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Comprehensive Plan
The educational sector in schools are often faced with the lack of supervision, whether it is due to non-compliance of rules, misunderstanding of rules and policies, or simply not being attentive to students. Whatever the reasons are for the lack of supervision, it is unacceptable and there should be a comprehensive plan in place to promote safety. Based on recent research and strategic analyses of a school along with reviews of literature, the development of a comprehensive plan was created to provide school staff, students, and visitors with a safe and secure environment. This paper will give in-depth information on this plan to align with case law.
Preparation to Promote School Safety
Strict supervision has to be
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Therefore, the plan will also provide staff such as, but not limited to paraprofessionals, instructional assistants, substitutes, student teachers and janitorial personnel to promote safety. As the case Brahatcek v. Millard School District, 1979, in which a student teacher was not instructed on specific supervisory skills was part of the reason for the accident in this case (NRPA, Law Review, 1985) . Nevertheless, this plan will call for collaborative meetings and trainings for the entire staff to include student teachers. Knowledge of what defines supervision and ways to successfully supervise will help to improve understanding in this area. These meetings and trainings will also emphasize the importance of supervision and the role of each staff member when it comes to keen supervision. This responsibility can only be accomplished through diligent supervision, by reminding staff of supervision policies and monitoring the application of guidelines (ASCI, 2012). Hence, this will keep all staff and student teachers well informed and in accordance with the expectations of…show more content…
Students will be given the opportunity to come inside of the building no earlier than 7:45am with the supervision of two weekly rotated staff members. The staff members will greet the students at the door in a single-file line and walk them into the gym. The students will sign-in on their specific grade roster as it is passed amongst grade levels, to maintain accountability for students. Once all students have signed-in, one designated student will bring the roster to one of the teachers. Students that arrive after this time, but before the bell rings will have to be escorted by the parent to the gym and signed-in for accountability. The students will sit inside of the gym on the floor according to grade levels along the front and two side walls. The students will have reading materials at each grade level or reading content of their own to silently read until the bell rings at 8:20am. Staff members’ location will be in the center area of gym. One teacher facing the front and right side of gym and the other teacher the opposite direction with eye sight of students around the front and side peripheral of the gym, so that they can maintain close supervision of their area. Once, the bell rings students will be dismissed promptly according to grade level to breakfast and
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