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Compton scattering is the result of an incident photon with a high energy collides with a loosely bound outer shell electron. The outer shell electron is knocked out of the outer shell and this causes the initial photon to lose some of its energy. This results in a recoil electron and a scattered photon. When the collision happens the scattered photon changes direction and the recoil electron (Compton Electron) is the electron that was once on the outer shell is sent on its own path. The scattered photon’s energy can be calculated by subtracting the recoiled electron from the initial photon’s energy. The scattered photon that is collides with the atom’s outer shell during this reaction can interact with another electron on the outer shell of…show more content…
Now, if you do this same shot again but you angle the que ball a to strike the other ball at an angle then the que ball is going to bounce of in a new direction at a slower pace then the initial photon but faster then the straight on shot because it didn’t transfer as much energy to the other ball. Which means that the other ball isn’t going to travel as far and the chance of it interacting with another ball is going to decrease because it doesn’t have enough energy to go a great distance.
In addition, the energy of the initial photon can be calculated by the equation Ei = Es + Eb + Eke. Es is the energy of the scatter, Eb is the energy of the bonded electron that was ejected, Eke is the kinetic energy of the electron, and Ei is the energy of the incident electron. In order for the incident photon to knock out the electron from it’s binding shell the energy needs to be greater in the incident photon then the bonded electron. The greater the energy the less of a deflected angle (X-ray

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