Compulsory Voting Dbq

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Every citizen has the right to vote, but not everyone does these days. It’s important that all people vote in the country and compulsory voting will assure that, because voting is not just a right, it’s a responsibility like Jury duty. Throughout the history voting laws had changed from time to time and from country to country and till now 30 countries around the world had used compulsory voting and got effective results and their countries developed due to good elections that were built in people’s opinion. Voting is considered like paying taxes nowadays, even though it is a responsibility and a duty for them to do towards their country, some people support it and others don’t. The advocates of the compulsory voting argue that…show more content…
They also believe that mandatory voting would make people choose random candidate in order to just do their duty and not get fines or other punishments, but that’s not true because people had already gone to choose so they will take their time because they are already there. They also argue that quality rather quantity is prefered to achieve successful election and strong government, however, having large numbers of people will show exactly the amount of support for that candidate and the one that they choose to run their country in the future and lead them to better country. Voting doesn’t need the political knowledge, and everyone can choose the right person without having any idea about politics. When government forces the people to vote that means it’s so important for the country, and they don’t just do it for no reason. Mandatory voting is a huge change maker, it affects the country in many ways; socially,politically and economically. Mandatory voting makes large numbers of people vote, which will make the country run more efficiently because the election was based on the hopes and aspiration of the people for the future leader. Voting should be made compulsory because its positive effects exceeds its negative
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