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Compulsory voting Mandatory or compulsory voting is the practice of making the entire population vote. Political scientists argue about which is preferred, and there are definitely reasons why people support mandatory voting. However, in this day and age, we have moved on beyond the ‘divine right’ of rulers to rule. Voting is the body of democracy, and freedom is soul of voting. Compulsory voting would be harmful in the united states because of the obtrusive lack of freedom found in forcing someone to do something. Compulsory voting should not be adopted in the united states. Compulsory voting in the united states would be detrimental because of the lack of freedom in a free democracy. Any forcing of a person to do something voluntary makes…show more content…
In Australia voter turnout doubled, going from “47% prior to the compulsory voting law...[to] voter turnout hover[ing] around 94%-96%” (source 1). Increased voters does mean a more accurate sample size of the population of the country. However, those voters who did not come before are now on equal footing with the men and women who studied and thought about the right candidate for the country. After all, a vote is a vote, and if half the voting population strikes through the first bubble and walks out the door, the first bubble candidate will win unfairly, and clearly not in the true interest of the people. This voting will “discourage the political education of the electorate because people forced to participate will react against the perceived source of oppression” (source 2). Who can say what these reactions would entail? Anarchy and loss of organized government, man regressing in his tracks down the road of evolution, turning again into a beast? Mandatory voting in the United States would lead to a disaster. Perhaps the United states would become untied States. Maybe down this road, dictators, fear, hate, anger, untrust, destruction ― And finally, death. Death for the country and death for the individual. The great seven headed dragon of compulsory means looms over us in this decision. Freedom stands now because of the millions who died for it. Because of the countless many who were willing to defy unjust control. Compulsory voting would make America fall, slowly and surely. To avoid this fate, citizens can work together and work hard to cross out this looming issue, work hard to be yourself a hero, and work to keep America

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