Computer Aided Design

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The purpose of this report is to discuss the influence of Artificial Intelligent (AI) in engineering field especially their use in designing system namely Computer Aided Design (CAD). CAD systems are widely used in engineering field especially in manufacturing industries. The enhancements of the CAD system by applying the AI improve designing work productivity and the quality of it design.


One of the main factors that have a strong impact on the socio-economic development of society is the level of development of industrial development. In countries with a developed economic system level production culture is provided by raging research in the field of new technology. One of the major trends of the last decades is
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To become a professional in the system one must undergo an extensive training in many engineering firms. Thus, the adaptation of the technology was quite limited before 1980. During 1980s, computer-aided drafting system become ubiquitous as there are drastically decrease in the hardware, software and training cost. In the early computer-aided drafting system, the drafting was in two dimensional modelling and it simply replaces mechanical drawing boards as drawing production tools. The system then develops into three dimensional modelling tools. The development of the system enable engineer to explicitly recognized design features and component. The systems also provide links to descriptive textual or numerical data and this will enable engineer to record decision bout component selection and layout. At the same time, engineer engaged in a multitasking task that requires them to do synthesis, diagnosis and similar task employ pattern matching, deduction, and related cognitive processes which involve manipulating non-numerical symbols and concepts. As there exist limitation on the procedural computer language at that times it was not easy to come up with the model not until in the middle of…show more content…
The latest system introduces an integral computer support to the design during the whole process.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Computer-Aided Design
Knowledge Based Expert System
Knowledge Based Expert Systems are computer programs that are designed to act as an expert to solve a problem in a particular domain. The program uses the knowledge of the domain coded in it and a specified control strategy to arrive at solutions. As knowledge base forms an integral, but implicitly understood part of a KBES, the adjective knowledge-based is often not used. In this system, the user are require to input the data requested by the system as a response to a series of question asked by the system according to it data-driven
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