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While doing anything in computer programs, if we get any error from any dll file, like the dll file is missing, cannot be loaded, designed improperly or module cannot be found, then the main issue is in that dll file. The dll file might be suffering from any kind of corruption. Dll file corruption creates so many abnormal issues, for which it gets impossible to work on the applications, which the dll files are associated with. Applications get crashed, hung, stopped working, showing the messages mentioned above.
There are so many dll files, which are associated with many computer applications. One of the most common dll files is Rtmcodecs.dll file, which is associated with Microsoft Office products, like Microsoft Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Skype for Business, and Lync etc. Due to the corruption of the dll file, the mentioned applications get several issues in them while working. So, what we should do getting such issues in the Microsoft Office programs. The rest of this article has discussed about this issue.
After booting up the PC, we often notice that the laptop does not start correctly and gives us the option to restart. When we do so, then we get the message, saying Rtmcodecs dll is either not designed to run or it contains an error. Facing this error, it is very normal to
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But if later we use Microsoft Office Outlook, then we might get trouble while exporting all the folders to the Microsoft Office Outlook program. While trying to do so, we may get an error, saying the specified rtm codecs.dll module cannot be found. This error may disturb us again and again preventing us from exporting the files. As we get error from the mentioned dll file, we should focus on that file to repair it, to be allowed to complete the exporting process. If repairing does not work by any chance, then we can download a new dll file as

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