Implication Of Cybercrime Cases

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Cybercrime is crime that involve with a computer or network. The computer always been used to commit cybercrime. All over the world cybercrime mostly affect psychology and physically. Nowadays, all these cybercrime cases are increase and become more serious and very difficult to be handling by the government in all countries and by the authorities. Crimes such as identity theft, cyber bullying, fishing, transaction fraud are the most cases that involve in cybercrime.
Because of that, government have been state the law to overcome this problem by implement the Computer Crime Act 1997 (CCA 1997). Based on Malaysian law stated that this CCA 1997 essentially covers crimes resulting in violation against any of the “three (3) bedrock principles”
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The biggest impact is on our property. The business will be stuck and face many problems such as bankrupt. This also will affect the person psychology because some of them may do not know their account detail have been used in wrong way by the criminal to commit crime. Then many party will be blame by the community especially PDRM and Cyber Security Malaysian because of increasing this case. Apart from that, our country will be lost the trusted and our credibility from the eye of the world if we not emphasize this issue.

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There are many ways that can be takes to avoid this crime. The company that use email in their important or daily operation especially involving money transaction must frequently change the company email password to avoid company email been hacked. The company also must always check their information such as account detail before and while make any transaction so that they can detect any changes happen without unknown. The information technology department must take the action and always alert with the system by increasing the cyber security in the company, for example this department must check and secure the company wifi from been used or hacked by the unauthorized person especially the criminal. If the cyber security at the lowest level, the criminal easily access or hacked and modify the information. Other than that, the financial department must check any transaction that be run in the company and always alert if any changes in the transaction proses in account and every important data by doing review to avoid the company loses their property. Every individual must alert and know about the crime trend nowadays in era developing of technology to avoid be a victim of cybercrime. Do not easily influenced by the special offer from strangers people in the cyber because it might be a trap or phishing that be created by the criminal to get your information to commit

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