Why I Chose Computer Science Essay

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From my childhood, computers have been amazing me continuously with what they are capable of. I started knowing that these TV look-alike machines are a part of our lives and that they have the power to change the world. I still remember my teacher saying “No computer. No future.” And today, it has become real. Computer is a part of everything we do. Literally, everything.

With this interest in computers, I wanted to learn about them. How they work, what they do - sort of things made me mad about those machines. In those days, my school library, with a limited number of books was the only source for me to read anything regarding computers and technology. I used to read a lot about the
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Then I quickly realized what my teacher said me when I was in school “No computer. No future.”

So, I eagerly waited for the time to officially enter into the Computer Science profession. But, to be honest Computer Science is my passion first, and profession next.

I took Computer Science and Engineering as my B. Tech branch. It is not that I took B. Tech in order to do Computer Science. Even if I am not in B. Tech and had to take any degree courses, I would have definitely chosen a branch which keeps me near to computer.

My strong-willed interest towards Computers, my desire to know the everyday changes taking places in the Technology and update with it, my hardworking nature led me take Computer Science.

And, now I have many dreams. Being from a middle class, I have to get a job and start enough earning for my family, which I not only consider as profession, but also as my life. With my never-get-bored attitude towards Computers, I can forever dedicate my work on becoming a good Software Engineer and make people, who have lots of hopes on me,
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