Computer Engineering Personal Statement

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My passion for computer starts from an early stage of my life when my father brought the first Computer at home I remember I was twelve years then. And it was an Apple Power Macintosh G3. From that moment I hung up with this technology and year after year I realized how much it can impact and change the human life. And As a good citizen of a developing country it’s my duty to transfer this technology and be part of this development. And I know for sure the master program of Computer Engineering at University of Texas at Austin (UT) will help me with my goal and direct me through the right academic career path. After I finished high school I immediately applied for engineering college in King Abdulaziz University (KAU) without any hesitation. I knew that Computer Engineering is the right path for me. In KAU I refine my academic skills and my knowledge in that field. During my study I took a course in Microprocessor with Professor Muhammed Shafiq and there was a turning point of my academic life I discovered my strengths in that class I noticed how competitive I become when I work under challenging environment. Moreover, I observed that I am more interested in the hardware part of…show more content…
I am particularly interested in the UT Computer Engineer research Center for the Study of Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits, and in the work that Professor Jacob Abraham and Professor Nur Touba are doing in VLSI design and Fault-tolerant computing. I am also interested in the multidisciplinary approach demonstrated in the Computer Engineering and Integrated Circuits specialization domain. I trust that you will consider me for the Computer engineer program at your University so I can fulfil my ambitions and goals that I have set for myself. I eagerly look forward to be a part of your academic
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