Computer Engineering Purpose Statement

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Statement of Purpose Name: Swathi Priyadarshini Panchanathan; Email:
My interests in the field of engineering was sparked at a very young age when my inquisitive mind got attuned to the prowess of technology. As a ten year old, I pondered upon questions like how does communication take place over the telephone, how the television broadcasts live cricket matches being played miles away, etc. My curiosity propelled me to delve into the depths of the anatomy of myriad electronic appliances thus making engineering in the field of electrical and electronics a natural choice.
The importance of learning has been inculcated in me since my childhood. My consistent efforts to do the best in whatever I take
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I keep myself updated with the innovations in the field of technology by attending several workshops, seminars and meet-ups. Moreover, I am a habitual reader of tech blogs and TED talks. I have even taken up courses online on Coursera and Udemy on algorithms and data structures, Java swing UI programming, Web programming, Angular JS, iOS application development, etc. I also have the Oracle 's Certified Professional Java SE Programmer examination in the pipeline.
My ever augmenting desire to learn has abetted me to confidently explore the breadths of Computer Science. My fair exposure to research drives me even further to delve into the depths of Computer Science, particularly in the field of Programming Languages and Systems. Thus, MS in Computer Science is a stepping stone in realizing my dream of becoming a leading professional contributing to cutting-edge innovations and developments in modern technology. It is perfectly the next cogent step towards my long-term goal of rendering my services to promote the culture of research in field of computer science in
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Pollice’s technical expertise in the field of software development has particularly inspired me to apply to the computer science department at WPI. His publication ‘Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design’ taught me the approach to various algorithms that exist today in programming. I obtained a deeper understanding of how you should approach analyzing, designing and developing software. I’m very much excited to be a part of the highly intellectual and research driven community at WPI and would be extremely honored if I get the opportunity to interact with Professor Gary F. Pollice on a personal front and find solutions to the problems faced while developing large scale, high performance
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