How To Buy A Computer Essay

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How to Choose an Apple Computer Have you ever considered in buying an Apple Computer? If the answer to this question is "Yes", I would like to help you to choose the best Apple Computer for your needs. During several years, I have worked as Expert at the Apple Store, and some of my customers were buying a computer for first time. Whether you are a first-time computer user or an experience one, we all can agree that buying a computer can be time consuming if you don't know what to expect. When choosing your Apple computer, the three factors to consider are budget, portability and performance. First, considering your budget when looking to buy your Apple Computer is crucial. The most affordable model starts at $500 and range up to $14 000. You…show more content…
The speed of the computer is measure by the processor which is the brain of the machine. The faster is the processor, the computer can handle multitasking activities. In addition, the memory of the computer is in Gigabytes (Gb) which is the measure of computer data storage. There are 2 several kinds of memory in the computers, the most important are the hard drive memory and the hard drive memory is how the physical space in the computer, how many files, photos, and software the computer can storage. Usually this storage ranges from 128 Gigabytes to 4 Terabytes. In addition, the memory ram is the virtual memory of the computer, it holds all of the active program open when you are using the computer, from writing an email to editing a photo. This memory comes from 8 Gigabyte to 64 Gigabytes. The quality of the display is very important for many users, iMac and MacBook feature different displays qualities. From retina display, retina display 4K and 5K. Retina display offers the user a better screen resolution and the retina 4K and 5K are best suitable for Graphic designer or those looking for a great display quality. These computers are usually very expensive because of the screen quality. When considering the performance of your computer, speed, memory and display quality and the most important point to look
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