The Positive Influence Of Video Games

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Video games have been evolving since the 60s, and they are becoming popular nowadays among kids, and even adults Video games are electronic games that involve user collaboration, and they provide visual feedback on a video device such as the computer monitors, TV screens, and even laptops screen. In today 's society, video games have a lot of impacts to the people who use them and even those who don 't play them. Millions of people nowadays succumb to these games following various advertisements on the social media and also the influence of friends who play video games (Egenfeldt-Nielsen et al., 2015). There are multiple types of video games some who are friendly and have positive impacts on the sports games and puzzle and others that are too…show more content…
For example, when playing video games like the Angry Birds especially for kids, they have to teach their brain to come up with creative ways faster to solve the puzzle. This mental skill is very important because it is not only used in the gaming world but an individual can apply it in a real-world situation to come up with a valid solution when they encounter some problems. Video game players are in a position to develop skills such as planning, resource management and logistics. Players learn to use limited resources to solve real-world situations. A person ability to multi-task in cases where he/she has a lot of tasks to perform is improved since most of these video games requires one to one to multi-task. Example, while building a city an enemy may attack you, so you have to attack back and continue with your work. Playing video games enhances people able to think fast and make an appropriate decision which can be applied in real-world situations to solve problems. Playing video games boost a career. This is because some games encourage leadership traits which can be practiced in society. Video games as well help ease pain experienced by a person. When faced with challenging situation a person can opt to play video games which distract their attention from their problems and by so doing their pain is healed. Players are in a position to make a new social connection despite the fact that people term them as…show more content…
Playing video games enhances brain development. In which an individual can solve different problems that happen to them in their daily basis by applying creativity and critical thinking. And by the application of this creativity and effective reasoning video game players can be in a position to deal with the negative impacts that are associated with video game playing. In cases where a player suffers some health complication due to lack of exercise, they can fix their time well and be involved in physical activities that can keep them fit and healthy. Video game players can balance their time well and do some assignment if they are students, so their performance and objectives are not hindered by playing video games. Video players instead of isolating themselves from the family members and friends they can balance on this and make sure they sometimes spend with people some available time they

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