Computer Integration In Education

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Research paper Waneter Paul Mr. Kerlew Moneague College Linstead Campus Primary Education Appling research Abstract The research focuses on the impact of computer integration on teaching and learners methodologies embraced by teachers working with slow learners. A qualitative method was used to carry out this research. A sample of four grade three teachers and twenty students was chosen randomly to participated in the research Computer integration is becoming a major component within the Education system, yet teachers are not integrating computer into teaching and learning, while other having problems successfully implementing it into their curriculum. These problems are caused by several issues,…show more content…
Two teachers propose that they need to get involved in training that enables them to learn computer integration techniques and strategies so they can use it successfully in their classes. Four (4) teachers pointed out that the proportion of teacher to students, expensive tools such a computer and projector and technical problems, are the common problems that negatively affect the effectiveness of computer integration. They also argued that the curriculum should be accompanied by technology-enhanced materials such as computers and projectors. They recommended that schools should supply all teachers with free computers and projectors. These findings support the views of Shelly et al. (2002). In fact, professional development for teachers and having enough technology resources are crucial for successful computer integration in the classroom. In addition these determinations are also confirmed by the outcomes of a number of research studies such as Zorfass and Rivero, 2005, Slough and Chamblee, 2000; Flores, 2002; Earle, 2002; & C. Lin et al., 2006. Roberts and Ferris (1994) stated that barriers to technology integration included lack of knowledge of usable hardware and software, and time commitment. Similarly, Slough and Chamblee (2000) argue that a view of technology as something unstable and always changing presents a major barrier to its use in the classroom. One teacher expressed that she lack the time and skill to look for, evaluate, and learn the software that is compatible with existing hardware and more important with her teaching goals. It was also observed that teachers face many barriers in their quest to incorporate technology such as time scheduling for computer use and, equity, and the lack of resources. For technology integration to be executed effective, teacher should be properly train, have confidence in their ability to use technology to
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