Computer-Mediated Communication In Relationships

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There is the opposite problem of someone not supporting his or her partner when they need him or her. Sometimes, partner A is going through a rough time and really needs partner B to help out by calling them in the morning or reading through an essay to offer advice. Other times, partner B will need partner A to sit on the phone and help them through a highly emotional time. There’s a lot that goes on in someone’s life, and in a relationship, each party has a responsibility to help the other. There is a balance between codependency and an each to their own mentality. So, alongside trusting and communicating between partners, both parties need to support each other. This is an important aspect regardless of a relationship’s distance, but it…show more content…
The easiest method is simply to have dinner together. That sounds very odd, but one method of staying connected is to go on “dates”. Often these so called dates are computer mediated, meaning a skype call. In her book, Stafford discusses how computer-mediated communication(CMC) affects relationships. Mainly, the hyperpersonal communication, an overly positive and very personal type of communication generally seen online. This alongside the fact that emails and IMs promote an overall positive interpretation of the relationship makes using technology to stay connected through dates like the best method (Stafford,90,95). Something that my partner and I have implemented, is regular phone calls and texting. We also try to watch similar shows, even watch them together. These are common ways used by a myriad of people across the internet to stay connected. Normally, close proximity relationships are based around shared interests, and LDRs should be two. Both parties should have some agreed upon interests because as life goes on the twe people will change. Those commonalities will help keep the relationship together as they grow and change. On her blog, Lisa discusses this aspect of the relationship, “If you are in an ‘In Real Life’ relationship, you can grow and change together because of the habits you mutually form while living as a couple. When in a LDR, there is a chance you will meet your sweetheart after 6 months and be asking yourself “where is the person I fell in love with?” This is why those shared interests need to be fostered. In a sense, both parties must synthesize that organic growth together proximity relationships
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