Benefits Of Computer Programming

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My topic is Computer programming. Some of the things I will be explaining in my topic include, how computer programming can help a person do the job they already have, or how it can create new jobs. How can computers help you you ask? Well its simple, computer programming can affect everyone no matter who the person receiving knowledge about it is. Computer programming can sort files, operate machinery, and control technology. A person that learns computer programming might be able to make a program that does their job for them creating more free time for them. Does computer programming help productivity in people who are usually not productive? In Computer Programming a person could learn at a very young age how to do it and have fun. Computer…show more content…
Most of the entire world 's money are digital in it 's from, only 8% of the world 's money is in a physical cash from such as a dollar bill or a hundred dollar bill. No one really realizes how much computer 's affect the entire world until they see the numbers of people who work on,with, or along with computers or the people that use them for work. Planes are working now because of computer programming such planes like the modern ones today would not be possible 100 years ago, many things that are in the world right now would not be considered feasible even 50 years ago. With computer programming so many things can be done in large amounts rather than having to wait for everything will develop. it is guaranteed as soon as computers are self sufficient the world will undergo a great change. Whether we know if its for good or for bad it will be a huge change in the world. Computers will do things much more efficiently than a human could not needing any food or drink, only energy, much more cost efficient than a human as well. Computer programming is at the base of this all, controlling the robot 's cognitive ability letting it program things itself, and learning from their…show more content…
They would have to know computer programming really well to understand everything. That is why computer programming is very necessary to the world and all of its people because it can influence decisions like if to use a nuclear bomb or not, can the problem be solved without this certain weapon and with computer programming? That is the question that is being asked, and the answer is that computer programming can solve many problems without hurting anyone in the

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