Computer Science In Software Engineering

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1- Title
2 - Introduction
3 - Definition of the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as a software engineer
3-1 skills
3-2 knowledge
4 - Ways of developing skills and knowledge in this area
5 - Conclusion
6 - References

1 – Title
An analysis of skills and Knowledge required to undertake a degree studies in computer sciences and to follow a future career path in software engineering.

2 – Introduction
Computer sciences is a discipline, a logical science that study the principles and the use of computer, they study computer theory and computer practice, further more computer sciences analyse structure, expression and feasibility. Computer science goes together with other branch including mathematics, physics,
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Critical thinking which is the ability to use reason and logic this is very important in this field as it is whether yes or no for any give problem in IT branch. Decision making again a skill very useful and needed as a good software engineer. To succeed as a software engineer any computer science student need to have more than a basic mathematical skill as this is vital. Mathematic could be considered as the ability to use, manipulate and control structure , quantity, numbers, geometry, arithmetic, algebra, numeracy, in general it is logical thinking. Thus no, computer science without a mathematic. Another basic skill is time management, managing and planning our proper time as well as others people’s time to increase productivity and efficiency to spend a specific amount of time on a given activities. Prioritise and make good judgment And last, software engineering is about programming, to finish a degree in computer science and in order to become a software engineer, students must have a good control of programming languages, this is the ability to design and write a computer program, computer instructions for several purposes, using variety of development environment and…show more content…
As the field is more technical, scientific and non-theoretical.
Therefore to be positive the area requires more effort and a real critical thinking, regular exercise to develop the skills, lot of effort on reading and learning to improve the knowledge, develop our intellect and shape our personality. Finally: good time management, a good use of logic and reasoning and last honesty and integrity.

6 – References
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