Computer Science Personal Statement Examples

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My interest in the Computer Science major at Carnegie Mellon was first piqued while I was in the Microsoft Student Partners Program, where I met a Technical Evangelist from Microsoft who graduated from the course. I had heard from him how the nation’s best graduates of Computer Science were often recruited from Carnegie Mellon. Naturally, this keen interest sparked off by my encounter with him did not just stop there as I am now sitting at my desk writing my CMU supplementary essays. As someone who has been trying to find myself within the tech sector in the future, Carnegie Mellon’s vast ties to the technology world only serve to underscore its appeal. When entering an industry that changes as rapidly as technology, the onus is on myself to ensure that I am up to date with…show more content…
For the past year, I have been working on Quest, an Android Question and Answer mobile platform for tertiary students which include polytechnic, university ITE students, to ask and answer questions to students from other schools. I started working on this project because I wanted to build an Android Q&A mobile application to help tertiary students in Singapore connect to their peers nationwide. It was after 10 months of user interviews, coding and troubleshooting that I finally led my team to finish building Quest. Quest has become the fundamental push behind my motivation to study Computer Science. I want to apply machine learning, to crunch petabytes of the data pool of questions and answers contributed on Quest to make it a more valuable platform for the education industry. Having known that the Carnegie Mellon University is a celebrated research center, with an entire department dedicated to Machine Learning, I want to come to CMU to learn and research on machine learning algorithms that were important to make Quest a more valuable educational tool in the
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