The Dangers Of Computer Screens Essay

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Technology in the world today has vastly increased and become a crucial part of society. Comparing it from years ago to where there was no technology at all to now where it has become a worldwide usage, it can be said that we highly depend on it. Using technology such as the computer has many benefits such as keeping in contact with people, making appointments and keeping information. Despite these many benefits, however, contact through computer screens dangerously pose a threat to face to face contact. Three dangers will be explained about how computer screens affect face-to-face contact for its main means of communication. Computer screens diminishes many imperative factors that destroys face-to-face contact. One thing it does have an influence on is the interaction between people. It deteriorates the social skills of people. This is something that has an effect on people that need to constantly have presentations or public speaking because they rely so much on computer screens. Why use computer screens to converse when you can have a physical interaction with someone? “Constantly staring at a screen with earbuds in keeps you cut off from the people in the immediate, physical world around you. This…show more content…
Because of the constant use of this to communicate, it allows them to become physically inactive. More people become lazy which leads to obesity, and many other health issues. Sitting the entire day behind the screen also has a great effect on the eyes. It leads to many people requiring the use of glasses at a young age because of the constant glare of the screen especially when using at night in the dark. Some other health issues that can occur from the usage of computer are repetitive strain injuries, computer vision syndrome, musculoskeletal problems, and headaches. These problems that occur can become very effective if nothing is done about the high usage of

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