Computer Technology In Nursing Education Essay

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Solutions: training and education in information and computer technology of nurses:
[robert eley, Journal of Clinical Nursing,2008] because of the significant importance of information and communications technology to be completely involved into the health system management should focus more on training and educating nurses who are the largest users of that technology.

Enhancing Patient Safety in Nursing Education Through Patient Simulation
[Hughes RG, editor. Patient Safety and Quality: An Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses. 2008 Apr. [4]
The noticeable rise in illness and death rates among hospitalized patients raised concerns about professional competency. Nurses and other health care professionals are under a lot of pressure to provide safe, effective health care. as a result of that, nursing education programs deal with an increased pressure to produce graduates who are able to provide safe patient care. eventually, nursing education
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Haptic is a Greek word that means a technology that can identify where touch happen and also how much pressure is applied. This type of technology is especially useful in nursing education institutions where the faculty is unable to see where the student is treating the patient. For instance, in a pelvic exam, it is hard for the institution to tell if the student is doing a full exam. With haptic technology, sensors are positioned inside a pelvic model in order for the student to have a feedback about the areas assessed with touch and how much pressure is applied. Complex task trainers are usually mixed with part task trainers in order for the physical interaction to happen within the virtual environment. This type of simulation is becoming more and more popular in training practitioners in surgical techniques like laparoscopy. While such technology is used multiple times, it can also be kind of pricy.

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