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“Never stop learning because technology never stops evolving” by Anjali Ramachandran. This quote inspired me to never stop learning. Nowadays computer technologies are growing constantly and the computer technologies extremely influence our lifestyle. For this reason, computer technology is fascinating and charming. . I had started to develop an interest in computer technologies since I was seven years old. Surrounding by electronic equipment ignited my interest in process of manufacturing; and the most fascinating electronic equipment is computer. Because my curiosity about how computers are functioned, I started to learn programing by myself. Computer programming and technology have always fascinated me since then. During my childhood,…show more content…
Over the past 5 years at WDC, I have developed a special interest in Programming Languages, Advanced Software Testing and Advanced Software Engineering. In addition I have strong desire to extend my knowledge on programming development, thus I decided to pursue master’s degree in order to gain more experience and exposure to an excellent research environment. I believe it will also serve to give direction to my eventual goal of a career as new technology developer. In the future, I see myself working in R&D department of a famous company in computer technology where I get an opportunity to work with many challenges. I wish to gather experiences on software development in order to be mentor and inspiration for youths in my country. I believe that a quality experience is the best knowledge and this knowledge can share to others. My decision to apply to California State University Eastbay base on a careful examination of the university website. I wish to pursue graduate studies at this university because the university provides courses that support my specific interests. Additionally, I have released that California State University Eastbay can provide me with quality education and good experience. I also believe that graduate education at this university will enhance my knowledge, give me wide exposure and develop my abilities to research and
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