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Composite softball bats - Slowpitch and Fastpitch
Composite Softball Bats
Composite bats are made of reinforced carbon fibre polymer. The carbon fibre polymer or composite can make up the whole softball bat or part of it. The softball bats that are made entirely out of this composite are called composite bats and the ones that are made of part of the composite and the rest of the bat is either aluminium alloy or wood they are known as composite hybrid bats. The carbon fibre polymer is used to reinforce the bats to make them much stronger. The hybrid bats offer both the advantages of the composite and the other material. In that they are better than aluminium alloys and wood because they are more durable, they have a much better weight distributions, there is an improved trampoline effect and to control hand sting they have a higher damping rate.
As the bats give an advantage to improve the trampoline effect over a period of time, it made the NCAA to scrutinize the bat as they were giving an unfair advantage to the players. When they were tested they showed that the performance standards were above the accepted ball exit speed ration and this was after they already broken in. This made to a new measure to be introduced, which was batted-ball coefficient
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The best Slowpitch softball bats are made from carbon fibre polymer- composite which is either one solid piece of the composite or two pieces that are joined together at the centre of the bat. Most Slowpitch bats come in 26 to 28 Oz and 30 Oz. There are few Slowpitch softball bats that are 29 Oz . For bigger players they would use the 28 Oz and 30 Oz; the smaller players would use 26 Oz to 27 Oz. Slowpitch softballs are balanced and end-loaded. Balanced bats means that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the bat. The bats that are end-loaded in that the bat is heavier towards the end of the bat and these are used by bigger

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