Comrades Almost A Love Story Analysis

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Dreams come in various forms that can create several kinds of relationships. It involves effort, goals, aspirations to achieve it, and the building of friendship and connections. Dreams can be shared with anyone and those who can dream it can definitely reach it. A simple example is a married couple that plans to have a child and own a house. The movie, “Comrades: Almost a Love Story,” follows two characters with a similar dream of becoming economically stable which bound them together. By coming together and motivating one another, people can accomplish their goals. The two main characters, Li Xiaojun (the male protagonist) and Li Qiao (the female protagonist) both motivated each other toward their dream. It is important to know that dreams can pull people together because dreams can also give people a purpose to love.…show more content…
Money plays a big role in their relationship because it was the commodity that kept them both together from the beginning of the movie and separated them. The first scene that we saw Li Xiaojun, who haven’t discover that Li Qiao is a mainlander from China, and Li Qiao at the automatic teller machine (ATM), there was $12,639.91 in Li Qiao’s bank account. This shows Li Qiao’s smile and excitement that she was mobilized. She said to Li Xiaojun, “What are you looking at? Never seen a rich girl before?” (Comrades: Almost a Love Story). This shows that Li Qiao was reaching her dreams and her relationship with Li Xiaojun was building into a love story. According to Rey Chow, he mentioned, “Indeed, Li Qiao strikes us as the stereotypical poor immigrant with a dream of assimilation and upward social mobility” (p. 106). Chow’s comment shows her dream to be a Hong Kong person and be stable in the economy. But when the market crashed, Li Qiao’s bank account dropped to $89.91 and that was when their relationship started to fall apart. Li Qiao wanted Li Xiaojun to reach his dream of marrying his girlfriend and not fall below the mobilization line like her. Even though their close relationship as friends ended like a couple who broke each other’s heart, they were able to achieve their goals. The separation allowed them both to climb the mobilization ladder because their dream came true when they met again and still have feelings for each
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