Comunicative Competence In English

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The good Communicative Competence in English should require everywhere. The massive development in Indian education system, in addition to explosion in Engineering and Technology based jobs have given birth to various other basic issues, where the employability is at the foremost. Employability encompasses with Technical skills as well as Communicative Competence in English which are two major areas of concern now a days. The Communicative Competence in English does not only make professional communication possible but also direct the stream of technical information and knowledge for the guidance of technocrats, engineers, and others in their professional activities. Unfortunately, many companies and organizations have been facing enormous…show more content…
In teaching English language, some of the English teachers have given a great effort to prove that all our past efforts of teaching foreign languages like English have been failure to the large extent only because of the inadequate understanding or rather misunderstanding the notion as well as the function of the language themselves. They also hold the same arguments in the perspective that much emphasis on the structure and lexical items have not given desirable results and throughout these existing teaching methods or approaches, we can find out the fact that the learners of English hardly learn English in any real sense, because they often stay in deficient in case of normal communication, whether in spoken or written form. The methods adopted have made the English learners structurally ‘competent’ and enabled them to produce grammatically correct sentences; but the real fact is that they are unable to perform a simple interactive or communicative task. It means that they already know the grammar, but lack in the ability to be appropriate as well as fluent in communicative aspect. In such a case, the appearance of the recent concept of the communicative approach in language known as Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) has brought a new revolution of thoughts and ideas. It has, further, become a challenging task for the teachers to understand and practice this approach in a proper perspective and then convey it to the language learners in its right

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